Paix aux enfants de la terre * 13 x 8 pieds

Paix aux enfants de la terre   – 13 x 8 pieds
– Acrylique sur toile  (Partie de LA MURALE POUR LA PAIX)

This mural was completed on the evening of September 11, 2001. However the creation of this painting began with a performance at the University of Montreal before an audience consisting of dramatic arts professor Larry Tremblay along with 50 spectators.

The original canvas was perhaps premonitory with a volcanic eruption, transparent images of tall candle like structures. Covered with clay, I danced and threw paint with my hands and body all the while accompanied by four musicians producing atmospheric sounds with metal objects. All took place in a calm, non violent matter.

This work was presented in a  performance theatre context at the end of my Bachelor of Arts degree and was completed Sept. 11, 2001 with the bands of red and yellow accentuating the huge explosion. The termination of this canvas left me with a profound sentiment of violence that did not reside within me or within my surroundings.

This painting was presented at the peace exposition for children held in Larouche, Quebec, Canada. During this exposition children painted a 150 foot long mural signifying world peace.

Emotionally, for me this explosion represents a premonition, an urgency to alert society of changing behaviour, an end to war and destruction of life on earth.André Bouchard